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Not much to tell today, except, I suppose, that I did not bike to work, as there is rain in the forecast for pretty much all afternoon and evening. Conveniently, the forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 60°, perfect for the bike ride in Redmond that I have planned with Mimi.

Mornings are getting colder and colder, which means I will be hanging up the bike for all of winter soon. Maybe not just yet, however -- I'm seeing weather forecasts for next week that basically mirror this week, so on days it doesn't rain, I will probably still ride.

I didn't get out of the condo this morning until 7:02, which is much later than ideal when I'm trying to take a bus. Not one of my bus route options (15th and Pine; Broadway and Pine; 14th and Union; 15th and John) were coming any time soon at that point. With no other option, I just walked down Pine until I got on the #11 that actually did stop at the stop at my building, once it reached Pine right by the freeway, about halfway toward the heart of downtown. I could have gotten on a #33 immediately from 4th and Pine had I been paying attention, but I was spending too much time trying to decipher bus options on my One Bus Away app to figure out which of the three buses around there might work. But I glanced up -- and the #33 was pulling away. Damn it! At that point, I knew from experience, I would get to the office just as fast by walking that last mile or so as I would catching any single one of the next bus options I had. So I walked, and did not get to work until 7:45.

No one else in my department was here yet anyway.

Anyway! I did ride yesterday, and Shobhit made dosas for dinner, and I thought maybe we'd watch a movie, but instead there was this big mixup with Shobhit's prescriptions -- ordered through Aetna Home Delivery when they should have been through Aetna Specialty Pharmacy, the former still having only his West Hollywood address on hand, having sent not one, but two orders there without him ever even filling the orders himself, only just now charging $60 to his credit card for orders he had neither any awareness of or even any need for (he's already got needed medications currently), let alone any control over. The whole thing is admittedly bizarre, but because it's through insurance he gets through me, he really, really wanted to assume it was my fault, a result of some poor decision I had made. And he did this literally minutes after complaining to me that I was assuming the problem was his fault, which I actually had not even come close to suggesting. This is often his M.O.: accuse me of something I have not actually done, then immediately turn around and actually do exactly what he was just accusing me of doing. Fun!

He didn't even figure out that they had the wrong address on hand until he called Aetna Home Delivery again this morning when it occurred to him to ask. No one brought up the address during the phone calls he had with them yesterday, because naturally, after having been back to Seattle for nearly two years, why would it otherwise occur to anyone that this was the problem? And even after it was clear that this was their mistake and not mine, Shobhit still wanted to bring up something I apparently did with having an order made online when he was in India once . . . two or three years ago. You know, when he actually did live in West Hollywood. Jesus fucking Christ. That has nothing to do with this. At least these days, more often than not when I call Shobhit on his bullshit behavior, he acknowledges that I'm right about what he's doing. That actually is progress.

I did send an email to our doctor late this morning basically asking, in a more diplomatic way, if he could tell me what the hell happened.

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-- चार हजार तीन सौ और निन्यानवे --

Alicia and Mary and I did manage another one of our afternoon "loop walks" through Myrtle Edwards Park yesterday afternoon. I didn't get ditched this time! The weather was perfect -- crisp, cool enough for a jacket, sunny blue skies. Now it's raining as I type this, which is also wonderful. I suppose I'll be listening to the soundtrack to A Star Is Born as I walk home from work this evening.

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I just had lunch provided at work, this joint lunch of burgers with just the Merchandising and Marketing Departments. I think it may have been to commemorate . . . something? I have no idea what, actually. Something accomplished recently that I personally probably had minimal to no actual direct involvement in. But whatever, I got a free Beyond Burger out of it. I would have far preferred Field Roast, but beggars can't be choosers. I wasn't begging at all, mind you. Freeloaders can't be choosers, I guess?

There was an otherwise empty table as the only spot left to sit once I finally got my food, having poorly timed getting in there. When I went over to the conference room at the scheduled time of noon, the food wasn't yet ready. And then no one made any official announcement when it actually was ready. So my little table ultimately had only two other people sitting at it, across from me: Leon, the Deli Merchandiser; and Jess from PCC Cooks -- at least, I'm pretty sure that's who it was. I've had so few conversations with her that I can only be, let's say, 85% sure that's who it was.

She did mention that she follows me on Facebook and brought up my posted review of A Star Is Born, which we then spent the next ten minutes or so talking about. A lot of what I had to say I had to censor, though, because Leon is also planning to see it but he doesn't want it spoiled. I keep sort of forgetting that today> is actually the official opening day of that movie, after having seen an early showing of it on Wednesday. I'm already moving on, people! Okay, actually I'm taking myself to a movie tonight that's been out for a week. I even had it on my calendar for last Sunday morning, but when Shobhit and I went out for lunch, I just completely spaced the movie. A Star Is Born counter-programming this coming week is sparse anyway, so this works out.

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