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-- चार हजार चार सौ बीस एक --

Low-key day today, I think. I walked to the library after work yesterday and picked up a new book to read on my way home. I mean, I picked it up on the way home. I didn't read it on the way home because by then it was dark. Okay I halfway take that back; I did read blurbs on the back cover by streetlight for like the first block.

I had to go to stores twice after getting home. First I had to go drop off dry cleaning. And then when I got back, Shobhit decided he wanted to add paneer to the dinner we were making. He had candles lit all over the condo so instead of blowing them all out so we could both go to Central Co-op a block away, I just went.

We made potatoes with paneer, to eat with frozen parathas. It was pretty good, eating while we watched two more episodes of the British series on Netflix, Bodyguard. We also both sipped a straight shot of spiced rum, something I never do, but discovered it may now be preferable -- I got an instant, brief buzz from drinking it straight, and regular cocktails almost never do much for me at all anymore. And I still took my time finishing it; Shobhit was done with his before I was even halfway through mine. So there!

Okay, I did add another shot to the chai I had when I made chai between the two episodes. There wasn't much point in that, honestly.

-- चार हजार चार सौ बीस एक --


-- चार हजार चार सौ बीस एक --

Tomorrow we have our big annual "Holiday Potluck" at work -- you know, the one we used to call a Thanksgiving Potluck, and that change has always mystified me. Using the catch-all "holiday" in December makes way more sense, but in November? There really is just Thanksgiving, right?

I mean, in terms of a traditionally huge meal, anyway. Apparently yesterday was Diwali -- that being the reason for Shobhit lighting all the candles in the condo. He's started to partake in Hindu holiday festivals or traditions lately in a way he never used to. I'm really not sure why, and he doesn't seem to have the capacity for articulating why. He's not suddenly particularly devout or anything. But, for some reason, he's taken to some of these traditions again.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving. I was going through my archive of photos for these PCC feasts, and figured out that this year will be my 16th one. It would have been my 17th, except I was in Las Vegas the same day it occurred in 2008 and so I missed that one. Otherwise I have been present for all potluck feasts since I started here in 2002.

I've opted not to cook anything this year. Last year I brought eggnog quickbread, after not bringing anything the previous two years. There will be more than enough sweet things to eat without it. In fact there will be more than enough to eat, period -- and ever since 2015, they no longer make the oven available for reheating, which means anything brought for the potluck can only be cold. (PCC provides several hot dishes, including turkey, Field Roast Celebration Roast, and mashed potatoes.) I should remember to skip breakfast tomorrow, and perhaps even dinner, and go with drinks only for Happy Hour with Laney before we see our movie.

-- चार हजार चार सौ बीस एक --


[posted 2:34 because even though I had this as a draft and ready to post I ended my lunch break and totally forgot about this when getting back to work and then like two hours later I was like oh right I need to post this]