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  • Tue, 5:32: I was going to say something. What was it?
  • Tue, 7:11: Paramount Pictures
  • Tue, 8:58: I had never heard of this guy but am delighted to learn about him, evidently a key part of queer history, now. I love this: "When Mr. Hill was described in the court’s decision as a 'citizen provocateur,' he adopted the description as a formal title and had it printed on business cards."
  • Tue, 16:02: Oh my god, this organization. I'm a vegetarian and this made even me LOL.
  • Tue, 22:57: My fourth-floor condo Christmas Tree as seen from the street, through the great new binoculars we got on sale Black Friday at Big 5. I had to go half a block away through the parking lot across the street just to get far enough to see one full window through them. I probably looked like a real creep looking into the windows of my building with binoculars but whatever.