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  • Wed, 8:57: Just tried a sample "dessert hummus" that literally tasted like snickerdoodle cookies combined with garbanzo beans -- both flavors equally present-- and my message to whoever thought this up is: no. NO. This is not okay.
  • Wed, 10:03: INDEED. RT @ihatejoelkim We’re steps away from the wholesale collapse of any kind of consensus on what masculinity even is, which makes gay male obsession with it both absurd and grotesque.
  • Wed, 11:20: The balancing scales symbol Twitter is putting on the #TimesUp hashtag looked to me at first glance like a pair of sagging balls, which I suppose is appropriate.
  • Wed, 12:57: My favorite irony in today's news is that Billy Graham just learned there is no God.
  • Wed, 13:11: RT @thenation: Has the NRA Finally Met Its Match?