Chilly Day on the Puget Sound

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It snowed last night. The results were nothing like the major snowfall we had a year ago this month, but I did take several photos after getting off the bus halfway to work this morning. One of the key differences that made for some very nice pictures today was the juxtaposition of snow-covered grounds and tree branches with a mostly sunny sky this morning. I was getting increasingly desperate for DLU photos recently, as with travel so much less common for me these days, I don't find myself in particularly photogenic situations anywhere near as often as I used to anymore. I'm very happy with the 10 or so photos I took this morning though.

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This morning I saw that Brendan Fraser was trending on Twitter and, naturally wondering why, I clicked the link. Through that I found many links to this GQ Magazine profile, which is kind of sad, and talks about how he disappeared for nearly a decade, and only his re-emergence has made people even realize that he had disappeared. I kind of thought, Yeah, that's true.

I never paid particularly close attention to Brendan Fraser; I've never seen a single one of those idiotic-looking The Mummy movies. I did always quite like the 1999 film Blast from the Past, though; I can still vividly remember how it was a literally a "feel-good movie" -- I left the theatre riding on the high of how good it felt just to watch that utterly charming movie. And of course he was also good alongside the great Ian McKellen in Gods and Monsters in 1998. So I guess you could say I had a brief period of paying attention to him in the late nineties. He went on to become a blockbuster star I had less and less interested in over the following decade.

Looking back on that decade now, through that GQ article, is surprisingly fascinating.

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I just got back from lunch with Karen down at the Six-Seven Restaurant at the Edgewater Hotel. I still had to bundle up in my layers (red hoodie under scarf under pea coat) because, even with it now blue skies and dry, it was still quite cold -- 35° on the walk down there; I just checked my Yahoo! weather app and the temperature has not changed. The snow is mostly melted now because, well, even 35° is still above freezing, and the sun helps with the melting -- but a lot of the snow was still visible in shadows on the walk down there, so I got a couple more pictures out of it.

Karen went to Nicaragua with her husband and daughter last week to attend her niece's wedding -- a niece who married a Nicaraguan man and is settling down there with him. So most of the lunch hour was her telling me all about that, which was pretty fascinating. (Not least of which was learning that just never being married is far more common down there than here, so there was a lot different about how they go about the legal elements of getting married. I guess they had to have an attorney present.)

Nearly all the snow was melted away by the time I was walking back, though. I had a pretty light lunch, since I'm way over budget right now and have been eating too much junk at work. I figured this was a good time to skip the super-rich and expensive truffle macaroni and cheese. We split the flatbread and even with tip it was less than nine bucks, so that's good.

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