stir fry tuesday


-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्तर-दो --

What can I tell you today, like, really super quickly? Not much!

Shobhit was supposed to go to a job fair yesterday evening in Pioneer Square that turned out just to be a networking event that wasn't what he thought it was. He texted me declaring it was "$7 for parking wasted." While he was down there, I made us dinner: a vegetable stir fry to which I added a bunch of sautéed vegetables to two microwavable (but which I just added to the pot) packets of quinoa and brown rice; two finely chopped Field Roast veggie sausages for flavor and consistency; and a bit of shredded mozzarella cheese for the same reasons. It turned out pretty well, and yielded one lunch each for us to have as leftovers for lunch today.

I drank a Moscow Mule while I cooked. Shobhit got home nearly the second I finished; I was washing the pot and cooking utensils and cutting board. We then sat down to eat while watching Sunday's episode of the HBO drama Here and Now, which was slightly better than last week's episode but is still hot garbage but we keep watching it anyway. Why? I guess because . . . I like the actors?

-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्तर-दो --


-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्तर-दो --

And then it was something like three or four episodes of season three of Roseanne, before I went to the bedroom with the intent of reading my library book but of course I never did that. It's TV or Internet, all the time!

I wish I hadn't brought my umbrella to work today. It was barely sprinkling this morning but even though there was no rain forecast for the rest of the day I took it so I wouldn't get wet on my way to work. And I just barely missed every fucking bus I needed so I wound up walking all the way downtown, and then waiting for the "Rapid Ride" D bus that One Bus Away said was coming the minute I got to the stop, and it just . . . never did. I didn't board that bus until 7:30, which is when I'm supposed to be at work -- per my self-imposed schedule, anyway. As always no one gives a shit when I get to work, and even if anyone did they would not have been around to give a shit when I finally got to my desk at 7:45 anyway.

And now I have to carry the umbrella home from work, needlessly. But I'll live, and I'm happy the weather will be nice enough for me to read while I walk since that's the only time I really make to read anyway.

I guess I could offer slight clarification: I actually did try to read for a bit before going to sleep last night, but this is the problem with me and trying to read in bed at night. I literally could not keep my eyes open so I just went to sleep at about 10:15. At least a finally got a solid seven hours of sleep!

-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्तर-दो --


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