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The one notable event last night was going to see a movie with Shobhit: we saw Book Club at the Meridian at 7:25. It was going to be 5:00, which would have been way easier and more convenient for me as I could then just go straight there from work, but then Shobhit's originally scheduled end of his shift at 3:00 was extended to 5:00. I knew he would enjoy this movie, though -- possibly even more than I would; I chose it for lack of better options -- so I suggested going for the next showtime at that theatre, where I still have two Costco discount tickets I can give him to use. But, I didn't even have to give him one! My Regal Rewards Card -- which seems to give me points even for movies covered by MoviePass -- had a free ticket waiting for me to use. So that worked out well.

Shobhit saw that Deadpool 2 was playing and said we could have gone to see that instead. Even with MoviePass, I'd rather not waste resources on the endless onslaught of superhero movies, unless they truly stand apart, like Logan or especially Black Panther. I'm not wasting even my time on any of those damned Avengers movies. That said, I probably will watch Deadpool 2 once I can on Netflix.

Anyway. I watched Wednesday night's episode of The Handmaid's Tale on the bedroom computer during the 75 minutes or so that I was home between work and going to the movie. Shobhit and I walked to the theatre, and walked back afterward, and by the time we got home it was well past 10:00, so I took the tack I don't usually do these days, and waited until this morning to write the review. I went to bed.

I did enjoy the movie more than I expected, though. And it's now the 5th movie I've seen in a row that I've given a solid B. I'm sure people who complain about my lack of variance in movie grades will have a field day with that. SIFF is coming up, though, so maybe those people will delight in my inevitable mistake or two in choosing movies there that I hate! I mean, probably not, actually, but whatever.

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-- चार हजार तीन सौ चौदह --

I rode my bike home from work yesterday with a detour to the Capitol Hill branch library so I could pick up I'll Be Gone in the Dark, probably the first "true crime" genre book I'll have ever read in my life. But it's the book's back story that compels me the most -- author Michelle McNamara being beloved by both the hosts of My Favorite Murder, and also the late wife of one of my favorite comedians, Patton Oswalt. She died suddenly in her sleep in 2016, the book still unfinished, and Patton and one of her researchers finished it for her posthumously -- shortly before the serial killer it's about was finally caught after decades of being on the loose!

My understanding is this guy did a lot of seriously disturbing shit, so the book may literally keep me up at night. We'll see. Last night before sleeping I just read the book jacket (with a very nice blurb by none other than Stephen King) and the forward.

-- चार हजार तीन सौ चौदह --

. . . Well. How did I manage to do this? I had all of the content of this post (up to this point) written, I went and had my pizza for lunch, which I ate by myself out on the patio, I came back in and went back to work . . . and never posted today's DLU! Until now. Right after Shobhit texted me with, You didn't post anything today?

Okay. Now I have.

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