Yellowstone National Park 2018, Day 3: Geyserama! (Centeral / East)

I really thought I would take fewer pictures today than yesterday's 106, but in the end I whittled down today's photos to . . . 100. Yesterday we stopped at eleven points of interest, and today? ten. (Both of those links go to the same place: today's full photo set on Flickr. And again, no time for captions: but, you can glean sufficient detail in most cases from the tags.

Now! Quick Mom update. She was sent home as of yesterday. She's apparently feeling much better. Shobhit and I will still stop by and visit her on our way through Wallace as we drive the otherwise 11 hours home on Saturday, especially since her being in the hospital prevented us from seeing her last Sunday.

Mom and Bill will also the recipients of one of three postcards I gave the Hibernation Station office today to send out in the mail tomorrow. They are wooden postcards I purchased in a West Yellowstone gift shop the evening before last. I wrote all six of them out while in the car trying to enter the park this morning -- there was another traffic jam due to bison in the road, and we spent a lot of time at a standstill on the road. I made the most of it and wrote out my postcards: to Mom and Bill; to Dad and Sherri; to Auntie Rose; to Gabriel; to Claudia (wh lent us her annual pass to National Parks); and to Alexia on our floor who is looking after the cats.

Anyway! I have slightly less than half an hour to finish this post if I want it to post before midnight -- well, Mountain Time, anyway. So without furthere ado, I'll just do what I did yesterday and offer images from each of the ten points of interest we visited today.

Baryl Spring


Monument Geyser Basin. This is one of a couple we missed on the same beginning leg of the route yesterday, and did not realize how difficlt it would be to hike up to this -- about 600 feet above the road. And there weren't even that many geysers at the top! Honestly I wouldn't recommend this one to others, unless they are truly seasoned hikers. For us, the nearly one-mile hike going up that height nearly knocked us out.


Norris Geyser Basin. Another one we missed yesterday, but this one was much more worth going to -- no major elevation hike this time, just lots of walking around geysers and hot springs along boardwalks.


Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


Sulphur Cauldron


Mud Volcano


LeHardys Rapids. On the Yellowstone River.


Fishing Bridge


Yellowstone Lake


West Thumb Geyser Basin. On Yellowstone Lake!


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