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Early yesterday evening I took myself to see a movie called The Little Stranger at Pacific Place at 5:15, and it was . . . good. Not great, but good. Could have been better; could have been way worse. Not a waste of my time, but also nothing I'll go out of my way to recommend to anyone else. I simply love going to movies and so I made a last-minute choice of one to go see -- hoping one I would want to see would be at Pacific Place so I could maximize the value of the monthly $21 I'm paying to see up to 3 movies there per week.

Every time this fucking comes up, Shobhit wants proof of it a good value for the cost. It's truly ridiculous, mostly because I tell him the same shit over and over again and he never seems to retain it. I have a sudden new theory about this that literally came to me just now as I write this: Shobhit tried to give me the excuse that he doesn't remember things because they aren't important to him -- well, in this case it clearly is important to him because he keeps bringing it up over and over again. My new theory is that he willfully forgets my proof that it's a good value because he doesn't want it to be true. What he wants doesn't change the fact of the matter though.

Anyway! Why don't we just look at the hand-dandy "history" page of my AMC app, just for shits and giggles? At $21, all I need to see is two full-price movies in a given month and I am saving money. Between July 30 (when I first signed up) and August 29, I saw four AMC movies. I've seen another two there in the past week alone, thereby already saving money as compared to paying for regular tickets for my September cycle. This isn't rocket science.

Now, yes, I do still have several months left of my annual membership with MoviePass -- which I have no intention of renewing, but I still have it through March of next year. It still has restrictions, which they expanded after their ridiculous financial troubles about a month ago, which make it untenable to consider relying solely on them for my subscription-service movie-going. As I said before, now that they make you wait two weeks to see major new releases, I say fuck that. I'd wind up paying full price for tickets far too often anyway. As for the price I paid for the one-time sale of an annual MoviePass subscription, that was paying for itself within a month, as far back as April. So it's no great loss not to be using it much anymore.

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-- चार हजार तीन सौ और उन्यासी --

I rode my bike straight to Pacific Place, then rode home after the movie. Shobhit was in the middle of making dinner when I got home. He made an eggplant sort of stew concoction with rice, of which I had leftovers for lunch. I wrote my review. Then we watched an episode of season 3 of Fargo. It was not long after that I was in bed.

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Alicia must have some pressing work to do today, since she did not join me out on the patio for lunch as she often does. Several other people were out there, but I didn't sit with any of them. I wanted to sit on the soft yellow chairs on the west end of the patio -- they are by far the most comfortable.

There's a bit of haze back in the air today. There's a chance of rain coming in over the weekend, though, which I'd be totally fine with. Shobhit actually asked if I had any plans for the weekend, and for once . . . I do not! I haven't even scheduled any movies yet, well except for one I'll probably see after work tomorrow. Saturday we'll do the requisite rounds of grocery shopping, I'm sure.

I've got plenty of plans through the week after: day off to go to the Washington State Fair on Thursday; Happy Hour with Laney on Friday next week; double feature of The Towering Inferno and Die Hard the day after that; going to Woodland Park Zoo with my free pass from the Seattle Public Library the day after that.

I did have plans to go stay with Danielle's friend Jeanna in Spokane County the following weekend, but that's postponed until probably October now. Danielle texted me last night that she has a sudden need to go to Spokane for a friend's funeral next weekend and will not be up for going over there two weekends in a row. No big deal; I can live with that. Then she started texting me photos she took of pages in the photo album I gave her for Christmas over a decade ago. She said she was going down memory lane. I'm touched she even still has that; I made those for friends and close family for Christmas in 2005. That was so long ago, one friend I had a falling out with about eight years ago and the other friend we just steadily grew apart so now we're barely acquaintances on Facebook anymore.

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