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-- चार हजार चार सौ तिहत्तर --

I finally have less to tell you about today! No super-eventful weekend to provide intricate details about, and no snow day to detail. I still haven't seen another movie, even -- although I intend to tomorrow night. It won't be a great movie, I can already tell you, but whatever.

It does remain rather cold. Contrary to the forecast yesterday, it did break the freezing mark yesterday, making it all the way up to 34°. And, same as yesterday, the forecast has highs incrementally higher the next few days: 37° today; a balmy 40° tomorrow; 38° Friday. In Seattle, though, barely above freezing can still provide conditions for snow, and right now we're looking at chances between 30% and 70% of more snow between tomorrow night and Sunday. The forecast highs, right now, for Saturday and Sunday are all of 36° and 35°. Starting Thursday night, forecast lows 30°, 31° and 25° -- all prime conditions for snow when moisture is moving in. We could see even more snow than we did on Monday. But, we'll see.

I have kind of mixed feelings about it all, honestly, but at the very least the most likelihood of accumulation is overnight on Friday, and then I don't have to go to work the next day. I'm down with that.

There's still plenty of ice around today, particularly on Capitol Hill sidewalks, although the buses worked out better for me today than yesterday. I barely missed the #11 at my building, but when I walked about 3/4 mile down Pine I managed to catch a #10 from Bellevue the rest of the way down to 3rd, and within a couple of minutes caught a Rapid Ride D bus up 3rd Avenue. I was in the office by 7:22 a.m.

-- चार हजार चार सौ तिहत्तर --


-- चार हजार चार सौ तिहत्तर --

Otherwise, my evening yesterday consisted of helping Shobhit make dinner, which honestly wasn't my favorite: cauliflower-based dishes never are. It did also have potatoes in it, which helped. But, I chopped two full jalapeño peppers without complaint, thinking that wouldn't be too much for me -- and, well, it kind of actually was. It was too spicy. That's really the biggest reason I did not pack any for myself to take to work for lunch today, and instead brought a Quorn "chik'n" patty sandwich instead. I would have preferred to have veggie ham to include on it but we're out of that.

Number of Cheers (season 3) episodes watched: 3.

Shobhit researched itineraries for his India trip, the booking of which keeps getting postponed due to his family's boneheaded mistake in letting his mom's passport expire. This has resulted in a ridiculous amount of bureaucracy and red tape, which according to Shobhit is very typical in India. She even had to have a random drop-in inspection of her home by law enforcement as part of the process! "People don't realize how easy life is here," Shobhit said, of Americans, when we were talking about this last week. He also said it was fairly likely his mom would have to give those people money. He makes it sound like dealing with law enforcement of any kind in India is all-bribery, all the time. I bet there's some exaggeration there, but also some truth.

Anyway, Ivan messages me every few days asking as to whether there are any updates on this -- I think because he's interested in fulfilling my wish that he visit while Shobhit is gone, so I have some company when I would otherwise be alone for about a month. Having him visit before Shobhit leaves defeats that purpose, but as long as Shobhit does not get his travel booked, there's no way for Ivan to plan accordingly as well. And then there is the challenge Shobhit is having convincing his mom to come and visit for a few months, which she is resisting. So there's both the convincing her to do it to begin with, and having the ability to do it at all, as she can't book her ticket along with Shobhit's until she has her god damned passport.

I feel like I'm being forced to string Ivan along about this, and have been for a few weeks now. This isn't really Shobhit's fault, though. If his mom hadn't let her passport expire to begin with -- or his brother had made sure she hadn't -- all of these complications would have been avoided. I'll just be glad and relieved when all this stuff is finally planned and settled, as the waiting and uncertainty is a real pain in the ass.

-- चार हजार चार सौ तिहत्तर --


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