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  • Tue, 8:08: Got to work half an hour late today, thanks to unwittingly waiting 15 minutes for my bus before realizing all buses are rerouted for snow today, even though the main roads are now mostly clear. So I wound up walking the full 2.4 miles to work. #snowverkill
  • Tue, 13:03: This fucking Seattle sweetened beverage tax is the bane of my existence. Does it contain milk, milk products or milk substitutes? No sales tax! Buuuut, does it have those things -- as *not* the primary ingredient -- but is also sweetened? Seattle sugar tax! (This is the tip of the iceberg as far as how stupidly complex this bullshit gets.)>
  • Tue, 20:52: Having grown up in Spokane, I used to join the chorus of ignorant ddipshits laughing at the "wimps" abandoning their cars in Seattle snow. After two decades in Seattle, this is basically what I've been saying now for years.