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-- चार हजार चार सौ चौहत्तर --

Shobhit and I had pizza for dinner last night and it may be the best pizza we've made at home, ever. Three key components likely contribute to this: the addition of thin-sliced eggplant; the addition of thin-sliced potatoes; and the fact that both of those were deep fried before beingput on the pizza to bake.

The end result was fucking delicious. This knocked out one of the five roughly 20oz Red Baron Pizzas we bought last weekend on a weekend special at QFC, where we could get up to five of them for $1.99 each. Shobhit and I are all over these insane weekend digital coupons QFC tends to offer these days. I think the rationale is that these great deals will get customers in the store where they will buy a bunch of other stuff at regular price. Not us! We go in there just for the cheap shit. And honestly, while these pizzas are not exactly gourmet quality on their own, when we come up with creative toppings, the pizza itself becomes just a vessel for a relatively crispy crust with a bunch of delicious stuff on top of it anyway.

We didn't put as many other things on it as usual; we skipped the onion and bell pepper this time around, but we did use up the last of my veggie pepperoni and a few sliced mushrooms. We added some thin slices of one of the many cheeses we still have leftover from the big "Twelve Days of Cheese" specials Whole Foods had in . . . December. So yeah, that block of cheese did have a little mold on it. We just cut the mold off and the rest was good as new -- and, delicious. The mix of that rather sharp cheddar, veggie pepperoni, sliced eggplant and sliced potato was quite perfect.

I could easily have eaten my entire half of the pizza last night. I ate too many snacks at work yesterday though so I ate only two small slices, and saved the other two slices to bring for lunch today. This was a very smart decision. They reheated beautifully in the toaster oven we have in our office kitchen, and they might very well have been even tastier than they were last night!

-- चार हजार चार सौ चौहत्तर --


-- चार हजार चार सौ चौहत्तर --

Number of Cheers season 3 episodes watched Wednesday evening: 3.

That about covers it for our entire evening. I really only turned Cheers off because Shobhit was falling asleep. So, he went to bed -- before it was even 8:00! But then, for a while, after he got into bed, he couldn't sleep. I futzed about on my computer for a bit, then got ready for bed myself and got into bed with my book. I don't know when I will ever learn that I can never last long reading in bed. It doesn't seem to matter how early I actually get into bed.

I was asleep myself at 9:15. I slept far longer than usual, too -- I totally zonked out, and didn't wake up until Shobhit, rather than my alarm, woke me up: "Matthew, it's almost 5:30," he said. And I jumped right out of bed, having slept soundly for a good eight hours and eleven minutes. That ended at 5:26. I set my alarm app for 5:30, but what Sleep Cycle does is choose when you're starting to stir at any point between then and a half hour before then; it usually wakes me up closer to 5:00, actually. I told Shobhit what this meant was that we were both sleeping so soundly that the app was taking longer than usual. Without any stirring at all, the alarm would have gone off at 5:30 exactly.

What other news, then? More and more news, actually, about potential heavy snowfall this weekend, starting tomorrow afternoon. I did not expect this at all, but I'm weirdly looking forward to it, especially with it being well-timed on the weekend. I'm meeting Laney for this month's Happy Hour after work tomorrow, and at my suggestion, we're going back to the old standby of Rooster's Bar & Grill since it's so close to her place -- I knew she'd rather do that in the face of the potential snow. Shobhit is now scheduled to work clear until 5:00 tomorrow, so I don't think he'll be joining us.

-- चार हजार चार सौ चौहत्तर --


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