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  • Thu, 8:13: I was looking for something totally unrelated in my old journals last night and ran across this note Sherri left me right after I arrived for my summer visit when I was 14. At the time, having no self-worth (boy has *that* changed!), I was genuinely puzzled as to why she would say something so nice to me. Now of course I see it for the genuinely lovely and touching gesture it was. ❤️ #throwbackthursday
  • Thu, 12:27: My oldest niece is 34 today. She was born when rotary phones were still common! (To be fair, I was born when 8-track tapes were still common.)
  • Thu, 13:43: RT @Hozay__: Seal? I haven't heard that name in years
  • Thu, 22:53: RT @FrankConniff: I’m not going to look at the Jeff Bezos dick pick because I don’t want to see what Amazon is going to recommend based on my viewing of it.