the heat is on


-- चार हजार पांच सौ बत्तीस --

For a while, I had drinks with Claudia scheduled for yesterday after work. It's probably for the best that it got postponed -- although I would never suggest it's for the best that she got food poisoning -- because I also have this month's Happy Hour with Laney scheduled for tonight, and I'd rather spread that stuff out than do it two nights in a row.

I actually looked into seeing a movie last night, and found the options among movies I have not yet already seen pretty uninspiring. So, I just spent the evening at home alone -- Shobhit had a late shift at Total Wine. There was a possibility of my going to a wine tasting there for free through Shobhit, but when he checked it, it was all full. So, I washed the sheets on both Shobhit's and my bed and the guest room bed (Sachin crashed at our place Saturday night, and even though I could have left those sheets unwashed for weeks, I just always feel more at ease once they are cleaned after someone stays over); I vacuumed the condo, which was seriously overdue; and I made scrambled eggs with sautéed vegetables and bagels for dinner. I put Shobhit's in the microwave for him to have when he got home.

I watched Real Time with Bill Maher while I made dinner. Here was a new, fantastic use for the AirPods: using headphones while cooking is way easier than trying to hear the audio of a show from my iPad, which gets drowned out by sizzling food on the stove as well as the overhead fan, even when the audio is maxed out. Also, there is no distance limitation as there always is with corded headphones. I could just set the laptop atop the coffee maker, plug in the AirPods, and glance back at the screen every few seconds, all the while hearing the audio just fine in my ears. I did the same with a podcast while I vacuumed.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ बत्तीस --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ बत्तीस --

I thought about watching something else after that, but by the time I was done with housework -- I even scrubbed the master bathroom shower stall a bit; it could really use a lot more -- and with dinner and ultimately with putting the linens back on the beds, it was almost time to start getting ready for bed.

We're set for another record-high day today, this time of 84°. I decided it was finally time to put the comforter in the closet and just go with the thinner blanket with a top sheet under it from now on. I have mixed feelings about this weather -- fundamentally, it's a bad thing. And of course the climate change deniers only get all up in arms when we get record lows in the winter, conveniently ignoring the increasing frequency of record highs in the spring and summer (and hell, this year, the winter as well).

But! Laney's and my Happy Hour this evening will be at the newly renovated Graduate Hotel in the U District, formerly Deca Hotel, with its new rooftop bar, the Mountaineering Club, on the 16th floor. For reasons that continue to escape me, Laney's fear of heights kept her from joining me at the Smith Tower bar, which is on floor 35, but not from joining me at the Mountaineering Club, which is on floor 16. She'd be just as dead falling off the 16th floor as she would the 35th! (I probably won't go out of my way to tell her that.) Anyway, I managed to secure reservations for 5:30 a month ago, and after rescheduling this location because the date we originally planned was going to be chilly and rainy, this is going to be perfect weather. The views should be spectacular. So that part of the weather, I appreciate.

I thought about wearing shorts to work today and ultimately decided against it. I did wear sandals though. No socks this time. The cut in my ingrown toenail has turned into a scab that seems to be healing on track. That said, I did bash the toe into the leg of my work chair this morning and that did fucking hurt. It would have even without the toenail issue, although that being recent did make it slightly worse, I think. The difference in pain level is probably negligible.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ बत्तीस --


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