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  • Mon, 5:23: Yeah well, I *am* gay and some of my greatest enemies have been gay people! RT @asilnoux Happy Pride! I’m not gay but all of my enemies are straight people 🌈
  • Mon, 12:17: Maybe you like to stop and smell the roses. I like to stop and taste the cheeses.
  • Mon, 12:43: In the spirit of a religious organization only pretending to "evolve" out of its millennia of fatally intolerant beliefs, policies and actions: the Catholic Church can eat shit and die.
  • Mon, 14:39: It's supposed to get up to 86° in Seattle by Wednesday which is more than 15° warmer than normal and is also bullshit. I'm going to write a strongly worded letter!
  • Mon, 17:29: Lovable post alert! A guy just passed me up walking his Siberian Husky and the dog’s asshole was in the exact shape of a tiny little heart. ❤️