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-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतालीस --

Not a huge amount to tell you about today, even though it's Monday and I just finished a weekend! This is mostly because I already posted about my brief time with Laney at the Volunteer Park Pride Festival on Saturday, complete with link to the small-ish photo album on Flickr.

Is there anything worth telling about Friday night? Not really -- I deliberately kept my evening open that night since Shobhit was not working and we hadn't had an opportunity to spend any real quality time together all week. We spent the evening mostly catching up on TV, particularly the final two episodes of season one of Pose, and then we watched the Deadwood movie on HBO, which was . . . all right. A nice return to all those characters, set ten years later, but it really felt less like a genuine movie than just one final, two-hour episode of the TV show.

Anyway! Then yesterday morning Shobhit took me out for brunch. We did a bit of stupid arguing on our walk to Jimmy's on Broadway, which we relatively quickly got over. We were slightly concerned about how dead it was on a late Sunday morning -- and then every dish was had was excellent, right down to the fruit bowl. I would absolutely go back there; the vegetarian "Hollywood Benedict" was spectacular.

And then, I thought I was going to see Late Night, but then discovered that didn't open this weekend; it opens next weekend -- which means, due to our anniversary travel and Britni's wedding, I won't get to see that one until well into next week. I thought about finding another movie to see instead, but found nothing all that compelling -- and opted instead to spend pretty much the rest of the day finishing up the captioning of all the photos from last week's travels, exactly one week after returning home from them. The photos total 410, which is less than it seems from those photo album photo counts, because some photos are duplicated in more than one of the album, if they apply to two of the albums' themes.

Shobhit worked all afternoon and into early evening, and my captioning took pretty much all that time, until I then made our pizza for dinner, which just happened to be ready right at the moment Shobhit got home from work. I didn't even mean for that to happen -- I had been under the mistaken impression he was working until 10:00, and he actually got off at 8:00. So that was just lucky timing, and we then ate and watched an episode of Santa Clarita Diet.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतालीस --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतालीस --

So what else, then? Well, I had a doctor appointment this morning, a PrEP follow-up. I had a few non-sexual things to ask him about this time, though. Should we run through them? Let's!

*I cut my finger on a broken wine glass yesterday, which I broke on Saturday trying to pummel a block of ice into it. Two large chunks just fell out the side of the glass. I stupidly put it into the recycling bag top-up, and when I went to press overflowing papers down on it yesterday, it sliced right into my finger. It bled quite a bit, and soaked through two different band-aids, although the second did seem barely to get the bleeding to stop. When Shobhit saw it when he got home last night, though, he insisted I clean it with Detol (I had only used water prior), and really thought it might mean I need a tetanus shot today, and he said I should ask Dr. Brandon about it since I would be seeing him anyway. I did clean it with Detol, and the blood, while still coming out a little, at least did not soak through the third band-aid at all, and I still have that same one on now, even after several hand washings and my morning shower. Dr. Brandon assured me I only would need be concerned about tetanus if it were metal I cut myself on, particularly dirty metal; glass was not as big a concern for a minor cut. (Shobhit loves to feel like he knows what the hell he's talking about with stuff like this, and he's not nearly the health expert he clearly thinks he is.) He still looked up where I am with tetanus, though, and I'm covered for at least another couple of years, he said.

*Even though I seem to have it under control now, I decided to bring up the ingrown toenail I have now been dealing with since late April. Somewhat to my surprise, Dr. Brandon asked to see it, so I took off my shoe and sock to show him. He even pressed at it with his bare fingers (before using hand sanitizer) and looked pretty closely at it, telling me it looks mostly okay but I'll probably have to keep staying on top of it, and make sure I cut it straight across now instead of around in the moon shape. He kind of made it sound like this could now be a frequent problem indefinitely unless I really stay on top of it. Fun!

*I had this light bruise-like circle on the back of my left calf for what was at least two months -- but now it's gone. "It always goes away right before your doctor appointment," Dr. Brandon joked. I decided to show him my calf anyway, and he could see nothing more there anymore than I can. He even went so far as to say of my calf, "Well it looks like a million bucks now," which rather amused me. The back of my left calf looks like a million bucks!

*I read in an article a month or two ago that people born between 1957 and 1989 may now be vulnerable to Measles, so I asked him about that too, since I was born in 1976. He assured me that Seattle in particular has leveled off with any concern of an outbreak, but he said he could add that to what gets tested in my blood already getting drawn for the STD screening I was actually there for today.

Beyond that, I got a throat swab, and then went down to floor 6 for the blood draw. The guy who took my blood must have been new; at first he put the little tub he'd be putting the blood vials into right in front of me, and I asked him to move it. When he was done taking my blood he said I was good to go. I said, "Don't I need to leave a urine sample?" He looked at his sheet of paper and said, "I don't see any urine sample here," and said I was good to go. I was sort of confused, as the urine sample is pretty much always part of this, but maybe Dr. Brandon somehow decided it wasn't necessary right now? So, I was on my way.

I got a phone call while I was unlocking my bike -- from the lab. "Are you out of the hospital?" Well, I was right outside the door. They asked me to come back up and leave a urine sample. That was annoying, and someone should tell that guy to get his shit together. At least I wasn't already riding to work when they called.

So anyway, it was about 10 a.m. by the time I got to work. I got to my desk and Noah said, "Welcome to work, Matthew!" Getting here two and a half hours later than usual, my morning has gone by rather quickly. Now I have a lot of work to get through this afternoon.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतालीस --


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