fat and viruses


-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्रह --

Not much for me to tell you today. I went to Steamworks right after work yesterday, if you must know, but I was done in possibly record time. That would be the most notable thing that happened yesterday, which is really the only reason I mention it. I expected it to take up most of the evening and instead I was nearly back home even by the time Shobhit got off work at 6:00. I fed the cats and then met him at Trader Joe's.

We made veggie "chik" patty sandwiches for dinner, and it was super tasty. We also had Trader Joe's tater tots, which we had just bought. Shobhit also got half a gallon of whole milk, which I'm not sure he's ever done before. He's always been adamant about getting skim milk, even for things like coffee or tea -- but he was getting this mostly for the Indian chai he's been making a lot lately. I mentioned this to him at the store and he just said, "I've changed." I guess he's just throwing in the towel in terms of attempting to lose weight? That's too bad. But then, maybe he'll be happier. That's more important. I just don't want him to keep complaining about being overweight while also overeating, which is annoying.

Whole milk in chai is not really that huge a deal anyway.

-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्रह --


-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्रह --

I have a cold now, and it would be easy to blame it on Ivan, who was using tissues for a running nose all last weekend. When he gave me his check for his share of the utilities, he even told me he had just washed his hands. "Did you wash your hands specifically because you were about to give me this?" I asked. "That was incredibly considerate of you." He openly agreed. Anyway, maybe I got the cold from him, maybe I didn't. I had been thinking even before last weekend how it had been months since I had a cold, and I usually get one in November. I guess I should have knocked on wood! Realistically, I could have caught it from anywhere.

My throat actually started tickling two days ago. I went to bed after a shot of Cherry NyQuil on Tuesday night. Not last night, though -- the shot of scotch Shobhit suggested I put in my chai seemed to do the trick, at least to get me to sleep. I did wake up a couple of times in the night but mostly because Shobhit was up. Apparently the shit smell from the litter box woke him up and then he couldn't sleep for like three hours.

I've been pounding vitamin C at work -- Emergen-C packets in a glass of water twice a day; a "zinc & brobiotics" tablet every day, which includes 333% of daily recommended vitamin C -- the Emergen-C packets 1,667%. This is probably unnecessary overkill and maybe it's just a placebo effect but I do feel like it's making me feel better. My throat is less sore today for sure, and although I have a very minor (so far) cough and my voice is definitely affected, I definitely feel better overall today than I did by the end of the evening last night. Rest alone can make a huge difference, obviously.

Anyway Shobhit and I just watched a few episodes of The Golden Girls.

-- चार हजार दो सौ और सत्रह --


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