the fruitcake enterprises social review -- fall 2017

In the fall of 2017, I engaged in in-person social interaction with the following people on the indicated number of days:

12092017-03 1. Shobhit -- 20
10272017-01 2. Laney -- 13
11122017-06 3. Ivan -- 7
04272014-10 4. Karen -- 5
10212017-13 5. Jennifer -- 4
09272017-02 6. Danielle -- 4
10212017-10 7. Dad -- 3
11012017-02 8. Sherri -- 3
10212017-14 9. Eric -- 3
12102017-18 10. Mom -- 2
11052017-03 11. Gabriel -- 2
09032017-33 12. Gina -- 2
12102017-14 13. Christopher -- 2
11052017-06 14. Shell -- 2
06102017-09 15. Evan -- 2
Elin and David 16. Elin -- 2
12152017-07 17. Claudia -- 2
12012017-03 18. Mimi -- 2
12102017-24 19. Bill -- 2
12022017-01 20. Drew -- 2
12092017-17 21. Shelley -- 1
12102017-16 22. Nikki -- 1
04252017-13 23. Auntie Rose -- 1
11232017-13 24. Beth -- 1
11252017-17 25. Abhishek -- 1
11252017-15 26. Vinaya -- 1
11252017-19 27. Anubhab -- 1
12152016-01 28. Tess -- 1
12102017-13 29. TJ -- 1
11032017-01 30. Danielle -- 1
10152015-08 31. Andrea -- 1
04282016-01 32. Sara -- 1
08102016-01 33. Sara -- 1
10212017-41 34. Aunt Raenae -- 1
10112014-21 35. Janine -- 1
12012017-04 36. Jessica -- 1
08032017-06 37. Dylan -- 1
11182017-15 38. Caren -- 1
12012017-03 39. Marilyn -- 1
10312017-16 40. Elizabeth -- 1
11052017-06 41. Aubrey -- 1
09172016-34 42. Uncle Paul -- 1
08202017-29 43. Toni Marie -- 1
10212017-21 44. James -- 1
11182017-17 45. Amanda -- 1
10212017-35 46. Hope -- 1
09302017-20 47. Lorrie -- 1
09162016-39 48. Sarah -- 1
10222017-02 49. Chase -- 1
10212017-17 50. Ian -- 1
08202017-09 51. Kay -- 1
09302017-21 52. Richard -- 1
09302017-12 53. Carol -- 1
09302017-12 54. David -- 1
09302017-11 55. Julie -- 1
09302017-18 56. Caryn -- 1
09302017-13 57. Trace -- 1
10212017-23 58. Mary -- 1
09302017-11 59. Mary -- 1
09302017-06 60. Dianna -- 1
09302017-13 61. Sylvia -- 1
09302017-11 62. Scott -- 1
09302017-12 63. Kenneth -- 1

Total days in the fall with in-person social interaction: 51 (56%, a -2.7 percentage point change from summer)

. . . Whoa! So this is a record 63 people ranked on my Social Review -- the previous record was actually not that long ago, spring 2017, only two quarters ago, with 52 people. Spring and fall both tend to have increased numbers, though, because of my Birth Week in April for the spring, and the number of holiday-related parties that tend to happen in the fall. This is quite a contrast from summer 2017, though, when I only socialized with 32 people -- roughly half the number I have listed now.

And I kjnd of went back and forth as to whether to list all the people listed here -- how strictly do I define "social interaction," anyway? Well, generally, unless I don't speak to them at all, I list everyone I interacted with at a party -- and fall 2017 saw several parties and small group get-togethers. Just look at all these events that contributed to these massive numbers:

Laney's birthday party on September 30 (14 people counted -- the one exception being Alán; we never really talk to each other and I'm honestly not sure why; there's a weird vibe)

Jennifer and Eric's Halloween party on October 21 (an additional 14 people counted, out of far more actually present)

Jennifer and Eric's 40th/50th birthday party on November 18 (an additional 4 people besides those also at the Halloween party)

Hanging out with Shobhit's cousins on November 25 (additional 3 people counted)

Mimi and Marilyn's retirement party on December 1 (additional 5 people)

Visit with Mom, Bill, Nikki and TJ on December 10 (4 more people I generally only see either in the spring or the fall)

The above six events account for around 40 people who are very rarely on my Social Reviews, and maybe around 15 who have never appeared on it before at all -- and they don't even account for the one new person who is both making his Social Review debut and has more than one point (okay, he has two, but it's more than one!): Ivan's new boyfriend, Drew. His existence as a newbie so high on the list (well, for this list, anyway -- I still ranked him at the bottom of everyone with 2 points, putting him at #19) is almost the result in a glitch of the system: he's just now part of the package with Ivan, without whom I'd never have met him. Of course, the same thing happened not long ago with Elden, Evan's boyfriend -- and Elden is actually absent from this quarter, because of his new work schedule preventing him from being able to join us the couple of times I hung out with Evan. He'll return on the winter Social Review, though -- he's already scheduled to be with us when we all see Dina Martina on December 30.

And speaking of Ivan, given his understandable shift in focus on his new boyfriend he can only see on weekends, I expect his numbers to fall in the winter Social Review -- he's averaged around 7 points each quarter since moving back in with me in November 2016, and I'm guessing I won't be able to give him 7 points next time. I mean, maybe -- but probably not. Whether that will result in his finally ranking below #3 again -- thus probably ranking below Karen -- remains to be seen. In any case, in all likelihood whatever number of points Ivan has next time, Drew will have either the same number or very close to it. I've made a conscious decision to pester Ivan less about, say, seeing movies with me for the next few months at least; I only pestered him about when we'd see the last two movies we saw together because we talked about seeing both of them before he met Drew. (And if his current plan to move out in February pans out, his winter numbers will be lowered by default anyway.)

Laney is #2 as always, as she has been pretty much every quarter since she moved to Capitol Hill. 13 points for her this time around, the same number she had last quarter, compared to 12 the previous -- she's pretty well stabilized and consistent as far as her Social Review numbers go.

As for Shobhit, although his numbers are down by 6 points compared to the summer, 20 points still easily secures him the #1 spot, and is still pretty impressive considered he took a 25-day trip to India this quarter, thereby depriving him three and a half weeks of potential Social Review points.

Karen ranked at #4 is pretty standard, but Jennifer ranks quite unusually high at #5 with 4 points -- this because with both the parties I attended at her and Eric's place in Shelton, I stayed the night, giving her a point each for both days. I don't see any other notable irregularities I haven't already mentioned in the rest of the list, though (Gabriel did fall from #8 last quarter to #11 with only 2 points, but his numbers have always ranged wider than most people's each quarter), so I guess now I'll get to the who did what with whom where and when . . .

Friday, September 22: with Shobhit, out for dinner (Cafe Bengodi)

Tuesday, September 26: with Sara, to a movie (Brad's Status)

Wednesday, September 27: with Danielle, out for dinner (McMenamin's Pub) and Janet Jackson concert at Key Arena

Thursday, September 28: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Saturday, September 30: with Shobhit, Laney, Lorrie, Richard, Carol, David, Julie, Alán, Caryn, Trace, Mary, Dianna, Sylvia, Scott and Kenneth, Laney's 60th birthday party

Sunday, October 1: with Ivan, out to lunch (Taste of Russia Food Bazaar at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral)

Sunday, October 1: with Laney, to a movie (Blade Runner)

Friday, October 6: with Shobhit, out for dessert (PCC Greenlake Village)

Saturday, October 7: with Danielle, to a movie (Blade Runner 2049)

Saturday, October 7: with Shobhit and Danielle, out for dinner (Soi) and out for dessert (Cupcake Royale)

Sunday, October 8: with Ivan, out to lunch (The Pho')

Monday, October 9: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Wednesday, October 11: with Elin, out to lunch (Boat Street Kitchen)

Thursday, October 12: with Shobhit, out for dinner (La Cocina Oaxaqueña)

Friday, October 13: with Laney, to a movie (Blade Runner 2049)

Saturday, October 14: with Shobhit, out to lunch (Aviv Hummus Bar)

Sunday, October 15: with Shobhit, to a TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival movie (Saturday Church)

Saturday, October 21: with Jennifer, Eric, Dad, Sherri, Gina, Beth, Mary, Hope, Chase, Ian, Aunt Raenae, Toni Marie, James, Kay and more, Jennifer and Eric's Halloween Party

Sunday, October 22: with Jennifer, breakfast with her at her place after staying the night

Sunday, October 22: with Laney, to a movie (Geostorm)

Friday, October 27: with Laney, Happy Hour at Fogón Cocina Mexicana

Friday, October 27: with Ivan, to a movie (Suspiria at NW Film Forum)

Saturday, October 28: with Claudia and Dylan, brunch at their place

Sunday, October 29: with Danielle, out for brunch (Goldberg's Famous Delicatessen) and to a movie (Suburbicon)

Sunday, October 29: with Auntie Rose, out for dinner (Saffron Grill)

Wednesday, November 1: with Dad, Sherri and Gina, out for breakfast (Shipwreck Cafe), then hanging out with Gina for a few hours

Friday, November 3: with Danielle, Other Danielle and Andrea, watching Rebel Heart Tour DVD, eating pizza and drinking margaritas at my place

Saturday, November 4: with Ivan, out to lunch (Honeyhole)

Sunday, November 5: with Gabriel, Shell and Aubrey, breakfast at Gabriel and Shell's place in Salmon Beach

Sunday, November 5: with Gabriel, Shell and Janine, eating leek pie after cleaning Gabriel's old apartment in Browns Point

Sunday, November 5: with Gabriel and Shell, out for dinner (The Cliff House)

Thursday, November 9: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Saturday, November 11: with Laney, watching Mad Men at her place

Sunday, November 12: with Ivan, to a movie (Murder on the Orient Express) and out for tea and cats (Neko Cat Cafe)

Monday, November 13: with Evan, out for dinner (Veggie Grill) and to a movie (My Friend Dahmer)

Friday, November 17: with Laney and Shobhit, Happy Hour dinner at Queer / Bar

Saturday, November 18: with Dad, Sherri, Jennifer, Eric, Caren, Uncle Paul, Sarah, Amanda and more, Jennifer and Eric's 40th / 50th Birthday Party

Sunday, November 19: with Jennifer and Eric, hanging out at their place before heading home after staying the night

Tuesday, November 21: with Laney, to a movie (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Wednesday, November 22: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Saturday, November 25: with Shobhit, Abhishek, Vinaya and Anubhab, Snowflake Lane at Bellevue Square; out for dinner (Palomino in Bellevue); and drinks at Abhishek and Vinaya's house in Bothell

Sunday, November 26: with Shobhit, to a movie (Coco)

Wednesday, November 29: with Mimi and Claudia, out for drinks (Aqua by El Gaucho)

Thursday, November 30: with Evan, out for drinks (Westin Lobby Bar) and to a show (Ham for the Holidays)

Friday, December 1: with Mimi, Marilyn, Elin, Elizabeth, Sara J and more, Mimi, Marilyn and Sharon's retirement party at the PCC central office

Friday, December 1: with Laney and Jessica, Neko Cat Cafe

Saturday, December 2: with Shobhit and Laney, watching a movie in the Braeburn Condos theatre (The Departed)

Saturday, December 3: with Ivan and Drew, to a movie (The Disaster Artist), then, with Shobhit, watching a movie at home that evening (Scrooged)

Thursday, December 7: with Shobhit, Holiday in the Park at Volunteer Park

Friday, December 8: with Laney, Happy Hour at the Wildrose

Saturday, December 9: with Shobhit, Mom, Bill, Christopher and Shelley, dinner and Cards Against Humanity at Mom and Bill's house

Sunday, December 10: with Shobhit, Mom, Bill, Christopher, Nikki and TJ, lunch and family visit at Mom and Bill's in Wallace, Idaho

Monday, December 11: with Shobhit, out for brunch (Red Light Garage)

Wednesday, December 13: with Shobhit, to a movie (Darkest Hour)

Thursday, December 14: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Thursday, December 14: with Gabriel, Tess and Shell, to a movie (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Saturday, December 16: with Ivan and Drew, to a movie (The Shape of Water)

Saturday, December 16: with Shobhit, Ivan and Drew, chai and a movie at home (Viva)

Sunday, December 17: with Shobhit, out for brunch (Cafe Solstice)

Sunday, December 17: with Laney, Winterfest at Seattle Center

Monday, December 18: with Shobhit, to a movie (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Tuesday, December 19: with Laney, watching Mad Men at her place