the fruitcake enterprises social review -- winter 2018

In the winter of 2018, I engaged in in-person social interaction with the following people on the indicated number of days:

02142018-02 1. Shobhit -- 26
03092018-02 2. Laney -- 8
01202018-31 3. Ivan -- 6
04282017-04 4. Karen -- 5
11052017-02 5. Gabriel -- 4
12292017-09 6. Danielle -- 4
12302017-02 7. Evan -- 3
08032017-18 8. Claudia -- 3
02082018-02 9. Sachin -- 3
12302017-02 10. Elden -- 3
12232017-39 11. Gina -- 2
12232017-33 12. Beth -- 2
08032017-06 13. Dylan -- 2
12242017-26 14. Dad -- 1
12242017-27 15. Sherri -- 1
04262017-12 16. Jennifer -- 1
04222017-42 17. Shauna -- 1
01132018-01 18. Lynn -- 1
04202017-01 19. Mimi -- 1
12242017-29 20. Eric -- 1
21. Medoc -- 1
02242018-06 22. Mala -- 1
02242018-07 23. Vega -- 1
04282014-18 24. Zephyr -- 1
08012016-05 25. Johnnie -- 1
12292017-14 26. Morgan -- 1
12292017-12 27. Rylee -- 1
the mysterious geographic explorations of jasper morello 28. Jasper -- 1
08202017-02 29. Ian -- 1
02032016-27 30. Sam -- 1
a walk in the woods 31. Rob -- 1
07182010-09 32. Tim -- 1
11232017-10 33. Jim -- 1
12022017-01 34. Drew -- 1

Total days in the fall with in-person social interaction: 44 (48.9%, a -7.1 percentage point change from fall)

Observations Upon the First Social Review of 2018:

*After the massive listing of 63 people on the Fall Social Review, Winter is much more back to normal, with 34 people -- only 2 more than there had been in Summer.

*The same goes for Shobhit's score, just in a bit of an inverse way, albeit always within the context of his always-expected ranking at #1: after scoring only 20 points in the Fall, he's back up to 26 this time around -- the exact same score he had in Summer.

*Laney, the perennial #2, after scoring 13 in both Fall and Summer, this time drops down to a score of 8. She's had a lot of stuff going on and also been sick more than usual, and has had to cancel a few things with otherwise had planned. Regardless, there was never any threat to unseating her in this position. Because . . .

*Ivan barely eeks out a #3 ranking, admittedly because I slightly muddled the rules for him, granting him three points on occasions when we were just at home, which I do not normally count. I stand by my rationalizations, however, since we coordinated schedules to plan watching I, Tonya -- a movie we had literally been talking about going to see for months -- on December 30 at home just as we would for going out to a movie, which we would have done if not for Shobhit having SAG Award screener for us to watch at home; and Drew, who did not live with us, hung out watching Black Mirror on New Year's Eve, and I do count when we do something at home with a guest over. Watching the screener of Lady Bird was basically the same scenario as I, Tonya, just without the element of having planned to see it in the theatre before finding out we had the option to watch at home. But, again, we coordinated schedules for that. The other three times we went out to eat -- and even with one of these six points deducted and scoring a 5 to tie with Karen, I still would have ranked him #3, since the cumulative amount of time hanging out with him was much higher. Also, all of this was managed within less than two months rather than the usual three, since he moved out on February 14. With Ivan's planned overnight stay between his return from Europe and subsequent move to Vancouver, B.C. in May, and my hopeful visit with him there sometime in the summer, I figure he'll continue to get between one and three points on both the next Social Reviews. But one thing is all but guaranteed: after ranking #3 cosistently all five seasons between Winter 2017 and Winter 2018, he will never rank #3 again, and will be far further down on the list henceforth -- much closer matching the numbers he had through 2015 and most of 2016, with averages being even a bit lower.

*Karen, Gabriel, Danielle, Evan -- these guys are all within their typical ranges. I've known each of them many years (between about seven and thirty) and their longevity has also translated, overall, into pretty reliable consistency.

*Shell, who was on the previous two Social Reviews, is likely history. Drew, Ivan's casual boyfriend who lasted all of two months, is on this list (in last place) just by virtue of the aforementioned home-viewing of Black Mirror on New Year's Eve, is certainly history. I liked him fine, but, barring his eventually following Ivan to Vancouver and winding up getting back together with him -- which would truly be a miracle (as in: it's never going to happen) -- I will never see that guy again.

*Otherwise, everyone else is the typical one-point wonder, accounting for nearly two thirds of the list. Still, thirteen people seems to me like a pretty good number for those I hang out with on more than one occasion in any three-week period.

So how about now we get to the who did what with whom where and when . . .

Thursday, December 21: with Shobhit, out for dinner (Chaat House)

Saturday, December 23: with Gina and Beth, out for Happy Hour drinks (The Daily Grill); Gingerbread Village; out for dinner (Palomino); Holiday Carousel; and browsing Nordstrom

Sunday, December 24: with Shobhit and Danielle, Christmas Eve hangout at her place

Sunday, December 24: with Shobhit, Dad, Sherri, Jennifer, Eric and Ian, out for dinner (Applebee's)

Sunday, December 24: with Shobhit, Gina, Beth, Sam, Rob, Tim and Jim, hanging out at Gina and Beth's

Friday, December 29: with Danielle, Morgan and Rylee, out to lunch (Seattle Center Armory food court) and to a museum (MoPop)

Friday, December 29: with Laney, to a movie (Molly's Game)

Saturday, December 30: with Shobhit and Ivan, waching a movie (I, Tonya)

Saturday, December 30: with Evan and Elden, the Dina Martina Christmas Show at Re-bar

Sunday, December 31: with Ivan and Drew, watching Black Mirror at home

Sunday, December 31: with Shobhit, waiting for New Year's Eve fireworks at the PCC office

Monday, January 1: with Shobhit, watching the Space Needle fireworks at the PCC office

Saturday, January 6: with Evan and Elden, out for dinner (Peso's Kitchen and Lounge) and to a movie (I, Tonya)

Sunday, January 7: with Laney, to a movie (The Post)

Monday, January 8: with Ivan, out for dinner (The Pho')

Wednesday, January 10: with Shobhit, Medoc and more, Pun Slam at Peddler Brewing Companu

Thursday, January 11: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Friday, January 12: with Shobhit and Sachin, dinner at our place

Saturday, January 13: with Shobhit, Claudia and Dylan, movie in the Braeburn Condos theatre (Spaceballs)

Saturday, January 13: with Shobhit, Lynn, Zephyr and more, Lynn's 42nd birthday party at AFK Tavern in Everett

Sunday, January 14: with Danielle, hanging out and lunch at her place in Renton

Sunday, January 14: with Shobhit and Ivan, scheduled movie viewing at home (Lady Bird)

Monday, January 15: with Shobhit, Happy Hour at Poquitos

Wednesday, January 17: with Shobhit, MovieCat Trivia Night at Central Cinema

Saturday, January 20: with Shobhit, Seattle Women's March 2.0

Sunday, January 21: with Shobhit, for walk to Volunteer Park; SAG Awards viewing party at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse

Thursday, January 25: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Thursday, January 25: with Shobhit, out for dinner (Intermezzo Carmine)

Friday, January 26: with Laney, Mad Men episodes viewing at her place

Sunday, January 28: with Laney, to a movie (Phantom Thread)

Sunday, January 28: with Ivan, out to lunch (HoneyHole Sandwiches) and out for dessert (Old School Frozen Custard)

Monday, January 29: with Shobhit, out for dessert (Cupcake Royale)

Thursday, February 1: with Mimi, Claudia, Johnnie and more, lunch in the PCC dining room

Sunday, February 4: with Shobhit and Sachin, out to lunch (Udupi Cafe)

Thursday, February 8: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Friday, February 9: with Shobhit, Sachin and Laney, Happy Hour at Queer/Bar

Saturday, February 10: with Gabriel, staying the night at his place in Salmon Beach

Sunday, February 11: with Gabriel, out for brunch (Montarama)

Sunday, February 11: with Ivan, out for dinner (The Pho') and out for dessert (Hot Cakes)

Wednesday, February 14: with Shobhit, Valentine's Day dinner at Marrakesh Seattle

Friday, February 16: with Laney, to a movie (Black Panther)

Saturday, February 17: with Evan and Elden, to a movie (Shadow of a Doubt)

Sunday, February 18: with Gabriel, out for coffee and chai (Dolce Si), to a movie (Black Panther), and out for late lunch / early dinner (Fish Brewing Pub & Eatery)

Thursday, February 22: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Saturday, February 24: with Shobhit and Danielle, to a movie (Game Night) and lunch of dosas and sambar at our place

Saturday, February 24: with Shobhit, Mala, Vega and more, Trikone-NW 20th Year Celebration

Sunday, February 25: with Shobhit and Shauna, out to lunch (Veggie Grill at University Village)

Saturday, March 3: with Shobhit, walk to the waterfront, and fetish night at CC Attle's

Sunday, March 4: with Shobhit, Academy Awards viewing at Central Cinema

Wednesday, March 7: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Friday, March 9: with Shobhit and Laney, Happy Hour at Witness

Saturday, March 10: with Gabriel, Amy Miller standup show at Laughs Comedy Club, and out for drinks (Good Bar)

Sunday, March 11: with Shobhit and Laney, to a movie (A Wrinkle in Time)

Sunday, March 11: with Shobhit, out for dessert (Old School Frozen Custard)

Saturday, March 17: with Shobhit, out for dessert (Caffe Ladro)

Sunday, March 18: with Shobhit, to a movie (Love, Simon)

Sunday, March 18: with Shobhit, Claudia, Dylan and Jasper, dinner at our place