the fruitcake enterprises social review -- spring 2018

In the spring of 2018, I engaged in in-person social interaction with the following people on the indicated number of days:

06142018-093 1. Shobhit -- 38
05052018-21 2. Laney -- 9
05062018-56 3. Karen -- 6
05042018-07 4. Danielle -- 4
04282018-24 5. Gabriel -- 4
06092018-12 6. Ivan -- 3
05032018-16 7. Sara -- 3
05242018-01 8. Tess -- 3
06102018-07 9. Tristen -- 3
06102018-05 10. Christian -- 3
06102018-02 11. Braeden -- 3
04282018-40 12. Jennifer -- 2
05202018-11 13. Uncle David -- 2
05202018-13 14. Mary Ann -- 2
05192018-14 15. Claudia -- 2
06092018-10 16. Mom -- 2
06092018-10 17. Christopher -- 2
04282018-38 18. Eric -- 2
04282018-48 19. Chase -- 2
04282018-52 20. Ian -- 2
06092018-08 21. Bill -- 2
04292018-38 22. Dad -- 1
05022018-31 23. Auntie Rose -- 1
06102018-09 24. Nikki -- 1
06102018-01 25. TJ -- 1
05032018-35 26. Lynn -- 1
05062018-09 27. Shauna -- 1
11252017-19 28. Abhishek -- 1
11252017-15 29. Vinaya -- 1
05042018-58 30. Mimi -- 1
05022018-25 31. Valerie -- 1
Matthew and Shobhit 32. Janine -- 1
08042017-04 33. Scott -- 1
04202018-01 34. Noah -- 1
05032018-34 35. Zephyr -- 1
04282018-43 36. Amanda -- 1
12152017-05 37. Aimée -- 1
12152017-04 38. Lynne -- 1
02082018-02 39. Sachin -- 1
03242012-087 40. Garret -- 1
41. Jeanna -- 1
04142018-22 42. Marie -- 1
43. Katie -- 1
05302018-02 44. Brenna -- 1
05302018-02 45. Trudy -- 1
05302018-02 46. Kathryn -- 1
05302018-01 47. Nick -- 1
05302018-01 48. Rebecca -- 1
05302018-01 49. Fran -- 1
05192018-37 50. Dylan -- 1
03242012-102 51. Katie -- 1
03252012-08 52. Marcus -- 1
03252012-08 53. Amber -- 1
05062018-49 54. Morgan -- 1
05062018-49 55. Rylee -- 1
04282018-51 56. Hope -- 1
05062018-51 57. Anita -- 1
05032018-36 58. Nick -- 1
11182017-20 59. Jody -- 1
60. Ermel -- 1
61. Jess -- 1
62. Tony -- 1

Total days in the fall with in-person social interaction: 52 (56.5%, a +7.6 percentage point change from winter)

. . . Sixty-two people! This seems to be what happens: the numbers spike in both the fall and the spring (this Social Review falls one person short of last fall's record sixty-three people), this time around because of the usual things: my Birth Week, in particular; but also parties, like Gabriel's birthday family get-together, and the going-away gathering at Myrtle Edwards Park for Sara W and a few co-workers.

Shobhit, as always, is #1 -- but his points are up dramatically from winter, when he got 26 points; now he's got 38, a notable boost given him by the amounts of time we spent together both during my Birth Week with other friends, and our weeklong vacation just last week to Wallace, Idaho and then Yellowstone National Park -- one of the greatest vacations we've ever gone on.

The only other notable shift from recent norms this time around is Ivan's expected drop in the rankings. Given he officially moved out on Valentine's Day, it's no shock that he's no longer ranked #3, as he had been pretty consistently for the previous year. That said, he didn't drop quite as much as I thought he would -- with three points, he remains in the top 10, and only barely edges out of the top 5 with his ranking at #6. Only the most expected and sensible people rank ahead of him, even after he's moved out of the country: Shobhit, Laney, Karen, Danielle and Gabriel. The usual suspects, who dominate my social life. I still ranked Ivan at the top of the six people who got three points each, because Ivan came to stay at our place twice and as such I spent more time with him cumulatively than I did any of those others. I get the feeling I will continue seeing him pretty regularly for the forseeable future, as he still needs to make several visits so he can systematically get all the rest of his stuff out of our storage unit over time.

So, without further ado, the who did what with whom where and when . . .

Friday, March 23: with Shobhit and Sachin, out for dinner (Bar Cotto)

Saturday, March 24: with Shobhit, March for Our Lives and to a movie (Black Panther)

Sunday, March 25: with Shobhit, out for brunch (Poquito's)

Tuesday, March 27: with Shobhit, Ermel, Jess, Tony and more, "Wine and Whiskey" in the Braeburn Community Kitchen

Thursday, March 29: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Friday, March 30: with Shobhit, to a movie (Ready Player One)

Saturday, March 31: with Laney, to a movie (Isle of Dogs)

Saturday, April 7: with Shobhit, to a movie (🐓 BLOCKERS) and out to lunch (Chaat House)

Sunday, April 8: with Shobhit, VegFest 2018 and to a concert (Seattle Men's Chorus, Seattle Women's Chorus and Randy Rainbow at McCaw Hall)

Thursday, April 12: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Thursday, April 12: with Shobhit, to a complimentary wellness class about kicking sugar addiction, at the Braeburn Condos Community Kitchen

Saturday, April 14: with Shobhit: out for breakfast (Hudson)

Saturday, April 14: with Marie, March for Science Seattle 2018

Saturday, April 14: with Laney, out to lunch (in lieu of previous night's canceled Happy Hour: at Rom Mai Thai Cuisine)

Sunday, April 15: with Shobhit, Abhishek and Vinaya, lunch at our place

Monday, April 16: with Scott and Noah, out to lunch (Saigon Deli)

Friday, April 20: with Gabriel, Tess, Janine, Garret, Katie, Marcus, and Amber, Gabriel's birthday dinner at Brewer's Row

Friday, April 20: with Gabriel, Tess, Janine, Marcus, Amber, Mandy and David, post-dinner gathering at Gabriel's place

Sunday, April 22: with Shobhit, Aimée, Katie and Katie's boyfriend, brunch at Aimée's place

Sunday, April 22: with Shobhit, Danielle, Jeanna, Morgan and Rylee, breakfast for dinner at Danielle's place

Wednesday, April 25: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Friday, April 27: with Laney, Happy Hour dinner and drinks at Añejo Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Saturday, April 28: with Gabriel and Tess, Rhododendron Botanical Garden; take-out lunch from Tatonka Take-out, eatn at Owen Beach

Saturday, April 28: with Jennifer, Eric, Amanda, Jody, Hope, Chase and Ian, drinks and dinner at Jennifer and Eric's, then staying the night

Sunday, April 29: with Jennifer, Eric, Chase and Ian, leftover pizza for breakfast at their place

Sunday, April 29: with Dad, Birth Week Bike Ride at Puyallup Riverwalk Trail, then out to lunch

at Mama Stortini's

Monday, April 30: with Shobhit, Tulip Festival 2018, and out for dessert (Old School Frozen Custard)

Tuesday, May 1: with Shobhit, Streissguth Gardens

Wednesday, May 2: with Auntie Rose and Valerie, Bellevue Botanical Garden

Wednesday, May 2: with Shobhit, out for dinner (Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar)

Thursday, May 3: with Sara W, walk through Myrtle Edwards Park and the Olympic Sculpture Park

Thursday, May 3: with Shobhit, Lynn, Zephyr and Nick, out for dinner (Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya) and strolling through Northgate Mall

Friday, May 4: with Danielle, Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden, and out to lunch (Grand Central Bakery in Burien)

Friday, May 4: with Shobhit, Claudia and Mimi, Kubota Garden

Friday, May 4: with Shobhit and Mimi, out for dinner (Pizzeria Pulcinella)

Saturday, May 5: with Shobhit and Laney, Kruckeberg Botanic Garden, then a quick visit at Petco

Sunday, May 6: with Shobhit and Shauna, tour and tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle

Sunday, May 6: with Shobhit, Karen, Anita, Danielle, Morgan and Rylee, Birth Week dinner at our place

Thursday, May 10: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Friday, May 11: with Laney, Happy Hour drinks and dinner at Rooster's Bar & Grill

Saturday, May 12: with Laney, to a movie (RBG)

Saturday, May 12: with Shobhit, out for dinner (Wedgwood II)

Sunday, May 13: with Ivan, out for dinner (The Pho')

Sunday, May 13: with Shobhit and Ivan, Ivan staying overnight

Monday, May 14: with Ivan, walk to and sendoff from Capitol Hill light rail station

Thursday, May 17: with Shobhit, to a movie (Book Club)

Saturday, May 19: with Uncle David, Mary Ann, Claudia and Dylan, Amazon's Seattle Spheres Tour

Saturday, May 19: with Shobhit, Uncle David and Mary Ann, lunch at our place, and also staying the night

Saturday, May 19: with Laney, to a movie (Tully)

Sunday, May 20: with Shobhit, Uncle David and Mary Ann, out for brunch (Lowell's at the Market), touring Pike Place Market, visiting Grandma and Grandpa Minor's old house, and pizza dinner at home before watching the sunset on the roof

Thursday, May 24: with Gabriel and Tess, out for dinner (Fish Brewing Pub and Eatery), to a movie (Solo at Century Point Ruston), and post-movie drinks and discussion at Stack 71

Sunday, May 27: with Shobhit, out for brunch (Poquito's)

Monday, May 28: with Laney, to a movie (Disobedience)

Monday, May 28: with Shobhit, out to lunch (Grand Central Bakery)

Tuesday, May 29: with Gabriel, to a movie (The Most Dangerous Year) and out for drinks (Canon)

Wednesday, May 30: with Sara W, Lynne, Brenna, Kathryn, Nick, Rebecca, Trudy and more, Sara and Nick's going-away party at Myrtle Edwards Park

Friday, June 1: with Karen, out to lunch (Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel)

Saturday, June 2: with Shobhit, to a movie (Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit)

Monday, June 4: with Sara W, to a movie (First Reformed)

Friday, June 8: with Laney, Happy Hour dinner, drinks and movie at Big Picture Theatre, (Ocean's 8)

Friday, June 8: with Shobhit and Ivan, Ivan staying overnight

Saturday, June 9: with Shobhit, Mom, Bill, Christopher, Tristen, Christian and Braeden pizza dinner at Mom and Bill's

Sunday, June 10: with Shobhit, Christopher, Tristen, Christian, Braeden, Nikki and TJ, family visit in Wallace, Idaho

Monday, June 11: with Shobhit, trip to Yellowstone National Park, Day 1 (including detour to Bozeman for Museum of the Rockies)

Tuesday, June 12: with Shobhit, trip to Yellowstone National Park, Day 2

Wednesday, June 13: with Shobhit, trip to Yellowstone National Park, Day 3

Thursday, June 14: with Shobhit, trip to Yellowstone National Park, Day 4

Friday, June 15: with Shobhit, trip to Yellowstone National Park, Day 5

Saturday, June 16: with Shobhit, trip home from Montana

Saturday, June 16: with Shobhit, Mom, Bill, Christian, Tristen, Christian and Braeden, pit stop visit on our trip home from Montana

Sunday, June 17: with Shobhit and Danielle, movie in the Braeburn Condos theatre (The Incredibles)

Sunday, June 17: with Danielle, to a movie (Incredibles 2)

Wednesday, June 20: with Shobhit, picnic dinner at Westlake Park